Writing, when done well, is like playing a song on a remarkably complex instrument that would capture any reader’s heart. Sebastien de Castell is playing this instrument in Knight’s Shadow as if it was second nature to him.

He has a way of storytelling, that doesn’t just have an emotional complexity to it, but a well-composed storyline, too, with many small threads appearing, disappearing and re-emerging later to flow into the main plot just at the right time, gaining additional meaning or emotional quality in the process.

His books provide me with a carefree enjoyment that for some reason I don’t easily experience with other books. With that remarkable feeling of being able to switch off from this world completely, to just relax and take off on an adventure, through gripping shadows and unpredictable (de) lights, knowing you’re in good hands. The next ride, Saint’s Blood, couldn’t come soon enough!

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