About Me

When not in a fantasy world, I can be found in London, and when not reading books, I’m balancing them for work.

I have recently been encouraged back to writing, which I enjoyed as a teenager, but due to circumstances decided to give up in my early twenties. I opened this blog in the autumn of 2014 and started practising under the pen name of ‘Mitriel Faywood’, just so I could prove my little supportive group of friends wrong. Or right. My first fantasy short story, Framing and Entering, has been so far very nicely received and can be read here, on this blog, or on Wattpad. Encouraged by its popularity with readers I’m now working on my first book.

I also manage Mark Lawrence’s unofficial site, That Thorn Guy, which I created at the beginning of 2015, and where I often run contests and interview various people.

You can find me on:

Facebook: Mitriel Faywood Twitter: @MitrielFaywood wattpad: @Mitriel Instagram: mitriel and I’m also the admin here: That Thorn Guy


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