About Me

Mitriel Faywood was taught to read by her great-grandmother, using fairy tales from the Brothers Grimm and Hungarian folklore, turning her into an avid reader by the age of five. Some of her early favourites included J. R. R. Tolkien, Alexandre Dumas, Arthur Conan Doyle and Stephen King.

Despite showing a considerable talent for writing as a teenager and being tipped to become an author by some of her teachers, she gave up on the craft early on and thought she’d never write again. That was until a twist of fate led her to become the beta-reader of her favourite author, Mark Lawrence, in 2014, who re-ignited her love of stories and her interest in telling them.

Mitriel Faywood lives in London, where she works in the music industry. A Gamble Of Gods is her first book.

You can find me on:

Facebook: Mitriel Faywood Twitter: @MitrielFaywood wattpad: @Mitriel Instagram: mitriel

Check out John Mauro’s interview with me over at GdM: “AN INTERVIEW WITH MITRIEL FAYWOOD”

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