Series title: The Order Of The Dragon, Book 1

Genre: Portal Fantasy, Science Fiction

Formats: eBook, Paperback, Hardback

Page count: 438

Word count: 163,095

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“It’s an exciting, imaginative, and well-written debut that feels different to the kinds of story I’ve read before.” – Mark Lawrence

“A book spanning so many genres—science fiction, high and low fantasies, comedy, romance—could easily have become an unfocused mess. But Faywood pulls it off brilliantly, making A Gamble of Gods a joy to read. So, grab yourself a big vat of popcorn to munch on as you enjoy this blockbuster debut.” – Grimdark Magazine

“A Gamble Of Gods is the first entry in Faywood’s The Order Of The Dragon series and even though this novel is self-contained, the fact there are many more adventures to be had in the author’s well-crafted worlds is a very exciting prospect. Faywood shines throughout A Gamble Of Gods, there’s a great amount of talent that is fully on show here and I’m intrigued to see where she goes next with this addictive science fiction fantasy adventure.” – Before We Go Blog

“A book like I have never read before, with new and fresh ideas that take the otherwise classic stories of the fantasy genre in a completely new direction.” – The Reading Stray

“An exciting start to series and an impressive debut. It’s no small feat to bring together three characters from completely different times and places and weave their stories together in such a satisfactory and coherent way, not to mention teasing out a mystery that promises more yet to come all whilst defying the realms of possibility by creating a fantasy/sci-fi romance that shouldn’t work but just does.” – Lynn’s Book Blog

“A Gamble Of Gods is a literary gamble by Mitriel Faywood and it is one that pays off comfortably. Combining rich prose, solid characterization, a cool plot alongside comedy, romance and found family tropes, this debut just won me over.” – Fantasy Book Critic

“Faywood’s debut benefits both from the tight and intimate focus on its three entangled first-person protagonists, and from the breadth of settings that Faywood has imagined, spanning both worlds and genres. It is an impressive first work full of action and excitement and introducing a close knit team of varied but captivating characters.” – The Fantasy Hive

“It’s a story which is at once deadly serious, and doesn’t take itself too seriously. A story which lets its characters have fun, and is fun, while also being an entertaining read, and one which kept me turning pages later into the night than I care to admit.” – Sci-Fi And Fantasy Reviews

“Faywood blends so many different elements into A Gamble of Gods and it is quite unique compared to so many other books I’ve read in the SFF genres. There’s fantasy, romance, science fiction, and comedy facets that all work to make this something fresh.” – FanFiAddict

“It’s a wildly fun ride that blends a ton of ingredients into one dish until the reader is begging for seconds, and it will make you care for the characters as much as you enjoyed the thrills. It’s one of the best debuts I’ve read recently – and I guarantee you won’t read anything like it this year.” – E L Crocker

A Gamble of Gods is a strong, beautifully written debut, with impressive world building that promises much more to come. Faywood’s well-crafted prose was great fun to read, and I’m eager to see what worlds and adventures are in store. If you’re looking for a new read that feels fresh and unique, give this one a go.” – Novel Notions

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