Some say reviews are for readers, not for the authors. But they are wrong. Reviews are like fuel to me as a writer. They are what keep me going as I write book 2. The knowing that there’s a point to all this work. All that time and energy spent on creating something complex, like a witch working on an intricate and vibrant enchantment that in turn casts its own spell upon every reader, is in fact worth investing. Results may, of course, greatly vary, but when it all works as intended, there is magic.

I would encourage everyone who liked the book to leave feedback on Goodreads or Amazon, even if it’s just three words: “I enjoyed this.” They don’t only motivate other readers to give this book a chance, which is also important, but they also motivate me. Thank you!

And as hinted in the title, here’s an excerpt from a wonderful review which was posted on the Sci-Fi And Fantasy Reviews blog by Chris Meadows.

This is A Gamble of Gods, and it’s an absolute stormer of a debut, a charming, thrilling mix of science fiction and fantasy, where secret societies are running the universe behind the scenes, where a generations old conspiracy is unfolding, and where necromancy is as real, and as lethal, as a blaster bolt to the chest. But, to be up front about it, this isn’t a po-faced text, filled with dour warnings and po-faced protagonists. It’s a book filled with a rambunctious energy, a wry self-knowledge, and moments of on-the nose humour that made me laugh out loud more than once. It’s a book which isn’t afraid to dig into the emotional availability of its cast, to explore who they are, and why, and what they want; there’s romance woven between the self-revelations and swordfights, the kind that balances teasing and the gentleness of emotional understanding with a soupcon of raw desire and fierce passion. 

This is a book which isn’t afraid to wear its heart on its sleeve, and I kind of love it for that.

You can find the rest of the review here: A Gamble of Gods – Mitriel Faywood

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