Following Petrik Leo’s fantastic cover reveal blog post almost two weeks ago, I will now also feature the wonderful work of cover artist Karrah E and cover designer Shawn T. King below.

the eBook cover

I’m incredibly grateful to Karrah and Shawn for creating such a wonder for my book. Karrah graciously took the time to read a large portion of the manuscript to gain a good understanding of the characters before starting to show me her ideas. The end result is both fitting and captivating.

Shawn also put a lot of effort into trying to understand what vibe I was after and come up with something that went well with the artwork, too. What he eventually created blew my mind. He’s one of the very best designers out there, a master of his craft, whose creativity and skill shines through his work.

I’m very lucky to have such a talented and dedicated team supporting me and hope readers will share my delight in this cover.

the paperback cover

Praise for A Gamble Of Gods

“Faywood’s debut is an intriguing mix of fantasy and sci-fi elements that is sure to satisfy genre lovers on both sides of the coin. A sure-fire debut of the year candidate that needs to be on your TBR.” – FanFiAddict

“A Gamble of the Gods combines a vividly drawn world with whip-smart characters and a story that, simply put, grabs hold from the first page to the last.” – Sci-Fi and Fantasy Reviews

“A great mix of adventure, fantasy, sci-fi and romance.” – Lynn’s Book Blog

“Faywood’s prose flows smoothly, at times enjoying a lush description of scenery or a moment of character introspection, at others sweeping the reader along in the exuberant chaos of action as any setting becomes a potential combat zone,” – The Fantasy Hive

The dust jacket

Pre-order links for the eBook version are already up on Amazon, paperback and hardback will follow in the next few weeks. Find links here for Amazon UK and Amazon US.

The first review is already up on Goodreads. Mark Lawrence rated the book 5 stars and wrote:

A Gamble of Gods is a difficult book to describe succinctly, since I don’t know of a similar novel. It moves very definitely through fantasy and science fiction, mixing the two before your eyes. It’s an exuberant story that invites film analogies rather than book ones. There are definitely shades of Mission Impossible and Star Wars, along with maybe Tomb Raider and The Mummy. It also has a strong romance thread. So: an unusual beast with something for everyone.

I watched this book grow from chapter 1. The author has been my beta reader for the great majority of my books, proving to have great insights and advice. I’ve done my best to encourage her own endeavours in the field. So, I’ve beta read this book from page 1, long before it had a title. I’ve witnessed Faywood grow as a writer, and go back to apply those newly acquired skills to improve the earlier chapters even as she wrote the latter ones. All this in a language she wasn’t born to. A very impressive feat!

Let’s move on to the meat of the book:

There are three main point of view characters, all in the first person, which is again an unusual approach but one I’ve seen work well before and that works well here. It forms a close bond between the reader and each character in turn.

The three leads are from three very different worlds, one far future on a colonised planet, one on Earth (London to be more precise) just a decade or two from now, and one on yet another world, but this one pre-industrial. We have a university scholar, a stressed office worker, and a renowned explorer/thief of magical artefacts.

Our three threads start separately and begin to entangle, being woven into the tapestry of a much larger story and an older conflict.

Faywood brings these disparate scenes to life very well, with excellent descriptions of high-tech paradises, parties in near future London, and the bustle of near-medieval city streets. The developing relations between scholar, clerk, and thief are complicated and well-drawn.

Expect an exciting ride, whether it’s vicious murderers being chased down by killer robots, sword fights atop carriages rattling along at full gallop, or unholy monsters being battled in the dungeon depths. It’s not all thrills and spills, and when the book is not charging along at 100 mph, there’s plenty of time to enjoy the scenery, even to become emotionally involved with the characters and to feel for their plight when the story takes darker turns.

The story draws you into a complex plot that is nicely resolved whilst leaving plenty of potential for more tales to come.

It’s an exciting, imaginative, and well-written debut that feels different to the kinds of story I’ve read before. If my description interests you, then I strongly encourage you to give it a go.”

2 thoughts on “A Gamble Of Gods cover images

  1. meltotheany says:

    i love it so much – and im so proud of you ❤

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    1. Mitriel Faywood says:

      So nice to hear! x Message me with your address if you’d like an early copy! 🙂

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