nightsky3You would think us fools, rushing into our graves like this. And yet, and yet… once you see our smiling faces in death, you’ll never feel afraid to follow.

Because here is the thing: Our kind never dies. We live on in the promise of every dawn, the sigh of every sunset. We watch you like hawks when you think you’re alone and will test you to your limits when you think you’re already done. We are the prince of your dreams, the muse of your lust. We kiss your first scar and steal your last kiss. You may have no name for us and yet you know there is more to your world than this hesitant hiding you call a life.

You know. Because all this time you have been searching for me. And now you have found that I’m with you already. Here. Inside. And now you understand. This is how we never die.


Originally written for the Prince of Fools writing competition in March, 2014

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