19544354I can’t recall ever starting to read a book with a nice cup of tea, with rose scented candles flickering on the table and soft Celtic melodies playing in the background. But there was something about this cover. A hint of magic as I touched it.

Hauntingly beautiful, a friend said once, which is all true, although you don’t truly understand the meaning of these words until you let the book open you and whisper its dark, adorable little secrets inside. Don’t let the enchanting drawings deceive you, there are wild powers at work here with unpredictable side-effects. Forces that blew me back in time, into being a little girl again, someone I have forgotten long ago. It was a time when the most important things of my days were to be read to by my great-grandmother, to let my fantasy open its wings and take me to lands I created and beyond.

As it happened, I grew up too fast, leaving the little girl behind on one of these mysterious, far-away lands.

And so tonight, I smiled and cried at the same time as I was taken back and found, that she was still there.



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