My sister took some photos of me today and this is what we settled on as a possible author photo. Within two minutes of me tweeting it someone has unfollowed me without comment, but hopefully it’s not that bad! 😂

Anyway. A quick writing related news is that after a year of waiting for a publishing contract to materialise in vain I contacted my agent recently and told him of my decision to self-publish. He said he knew it was poor consolation but publishers have become very cautious about debut writers in the last few years. Indeed, I saw some research on the internet lately, according to which most traditionally published debut authors have already succeeded in a different genre, or won awards or have degrees from top universities or already have big social media followings because they are also actresses etc. I also didn’t write a book to suit today’s trends. I wrote one that I wanted and enjoyed, regardless what is sought after at the moment.

ANYHOW. This is actually not a bad thing because I’m enjoying the self-publishing journey, even if there’s a learning curve. I started working with an artist on the cover and it’s super-exciting! 😀 One of the things I originally wanted on the cover was a big dragon, because hey! We all love a big bad-ass dragon, but Mark convinced me to have my main characters on the cover instead because it’s a very character-driven book and would be a better fit. He’s right of course, it’s all about the characters and there’s only one scene with dragons, but if it turns out to be a bad decision I will still blame him! 😂 No, it should be good actually! The artist is particularly skilled when it comes to portraits and she’s been also taking the time to read the book, not even just the few chapters I suggested but all of it, because she’s enjoying it so much! 😀 We have some ideas, and I’m mega excited to see her first drafts!

I’ll keep you posted about the progress! 😁

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